Most Advanced Digital Workplace
Built-With Microsoft Power Platform.

Learn how you can:

– Centralize your Digital Workplace hub for easy access to information and systems.

– Rapidly deploy in two weeks, no IT resources needed.

– Harnesses AI for automated processes and predictive insights, including ChatGPT for increased productivity.

– Engage frontline and deskless workers with a dedicated mobile experience, ensuring access anytime, anywhere.

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Help your organization engage... with VystaPoint

Organizations that prioritize Employee Engagement see a 38%
increase in productivity in the workplace.

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Better Quality of Work

When employees feel motivated and engaged in their work, they always put in their best effort. With dedication and precision being applied across the board there is no limit to the greatness they can achieve for themselves and the company
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Improved Client Relationships

The key to a successful company is knowing that employees come first. When your employees are taken care of they will take care of your clients. Engaged employees are more attentive and friendly, which in turn has them always putting the company’s best face toward.

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Increased Profits

Engaged employees intrinsically go the extra mile. Work is finished faster which then leads to an increase in work being done. In 2018, Aon’s global engagement report showed that for every 5 point increase in engagement level lead to a 3% increase in revenue. Higher engagement levels have increased revenue 2.5x more than companies with lower engagement levels.