VystaPoint Panorama

Giving the full picture through automation

Business Process Automation

Automating your Employee Onboarding process is all about getting your new hires up to speed and productive as quickly as possible. With VystaPoint Panorama, turn-key on-boarding you can ensure that every new hire is welcomed and ready on their first day

Automating with VystaPoint

The Hiring process involves many steps, activities and multiple lines of business managers that need to contribute to ensure a great onboarding experience for new hires. Unfortunately, when taking an ad-hoc manual approach, many of these tasks go unfulfilled causing unnecessary delays and unfortunately an awkward and unpleasant first experience for the new employee.

VystaPoint’s Panorama, turn-key on-boarding solution, quickly transforms your outdated manual business process into an automated efficient solution to automate all your labor intensive and time consuming tasks providing your employees with more time to focus on strategic, high-value business opportunities.

Why Choose VystaPoint for your Employee Lifecycle?

Work Smart

Gather employee data, manage employee status and contact new hires or colleagues in just one click – with our automated process and customized workflows, we’re there making sure the job gets done right when you need it, the first time!

Connect Seamlessly

With Microsoft Power Platform connectors & VystaPoint’s custom API’s, we make sure that every aspect of the Employee Lifecycle that was once manual can become automated through Power Automate and our custom work flows!

Save Time

Through automation and work flows, new employees and HR, no longer need to sort through paperwork to move the onboarding process along! VystaPoint makes sure the right documents and information get to where they need to go automatically!