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Join the growing list of other organizations that are empowering their employees to drive next-level productivity, collaboration and communication through the Microsoft Power Platform.

Intranet built with Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate

Digital Workplaces built with your whole organization in mind.

Organizations that are looking to increase and promote employee engagement can find the answer with VystaPoint’s Digital Workplace Suite of PowerApps built entirely off the Microsoft Power Platform. With the rapid deployment, targeting, and personalization at the heart of VystaPoint Solutions, it is easy to see how we are the leading provider for any employee engagement project! Our cross-functional solution allows for easy access to communication and next-level productivity tools on SharePoint Team & Mobile devices. VystaPoint helps organizations deploy a unique Digital Workplace experience, without third-party intranet software. With over 20 years of experience in the Digital Workplace space, VystaPoint provides organizations a solution built with your workforce in mind.

VystaPoint eXpress

Suite of Digital Workplace Power Apps that provide organizations with communication and productivity tools for a low one-time fee & rapidly deployed.

Microsoft Power Platform

VystaPoint allows you to take full advantage of your Microsoft Investment! Built with you in mind, our solution is built off the Microsoft Power Platform which comes with your Microsoft License. This means you get access to all of our PowerApps without having to invest in additional licenses for your users.

Centralized Hub

Unify your business, data, systems and people like never before. VystaPoint delivers centralized hubs on SharePoint, Teams & mobile devices eliminating unnecessary system-to-system jumping. VystaPoint pulls all your systems and information into a single view providing employees next-level productivity access to everything right at their fingertips.

Rapid Deploy

With all of our PowerApps prebuilt, we are able to quickly implement and connect the VystaPoint eXpress solution to all the data sources necessary to create a productive and centralized Hub. How quick? In as little as 3 weeks, we take you from start to finish with your employee engagement project!

Personalized & Targeted

VystaPoint offers each user a unique experience as soon as they sign in to work for the day. With relevant information, documents and applications, users will have everything they need right at their fingertips in their centralized hub. Using Azure AD and other platforms, we are able to target information at the most granular levels.

VystaPoint Peak

Integrations, automation, and workflows beyond VystaPoint eXpress, VystaPoint Peak services offer custom solutions that quickly provide a unique experience to fit your specific use case.

Custom Connectors

With Microsoft currently offering almost 500 Connectors for VystaPoint to create custom PowerApps, there are still times when clients need something that is not yet available. VystaPoint works with clients to scope out specific needs and builds out custom connectors to provide instant, centralized access to all their data.

Automated Business Processes

Turning outdated manual business process into automated efficient solutions is easy with VystaPoint’s Digital Workplace Solution and Power Automate. Put intelligent workflows to work and automate time consuming tasks using AI and provide your employees with more time to focus on strategic, high-value business opportunities.

Integration Capabilities

Go beyond the integrations already provided through VystaPoint eXpress! VystaPoint Peak will integrate all of your other enterprise systems like Workday, ServiceNow, Marketo, Kronos, ADP, Salesforce, HubSpot. VystaPoint easily integrates with all the platforms you need for a fully-equipped Digital Workplace Solution.

Cognitive Services

VystaPoint harnesses the powers of Azure Cognitive Services Rest APIs and client library SDKs to help you build cognitive intelligence into your employee engagement systems that can see, hear, speak, understand, and make decisions. Take VystaPoint’s already advanced intelligent system to a new level!.

Whatever app you need, VystaPoint has it!

VystaPoint brings POWER to your team for a productive workday!

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